Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Yorkshire Pudding

 Sunday roast without yorkshire pudding.....
 is like....
 Romeo without Juliet....
 It is a puffy dough that has been oven baked with a collapsed centre....
kind of like a savoury donut.


  1. Never had that. Good to see you posting again.

  2. I was thinking about you the other day. A bit tired. Claudia will bake some cakes one of these days, so I hope to have my camera at the ready. I have been very naughty with my blog by not maintaining it. I'm focusing on the Sven blog which I also neglected. Trust you and your pup are fine :)

  3. Things are good. Made her two new blankets with some new fabric I found at the shop. Only they are a little warm for the summer. Still want to snap a few pictures with her in them. Maybe later when it's cooler.

    I'm supposed to be sewing today, but instead, I'm still on Blogger. Reading all the blogs I've not been reading. One of our gamer dudes removed his blog and there's been a lot of talk about that.

    Too bad too, he's a good guy. Hopefully he comes back.

    Blogging can really suck up a day though. I've been at the computer more today, then I have all week. I don't know how you keep up with two different blogs. I tried that and just couldn't do it.

    Okay ... now I'm really getting offline. I mean it this time. Darn it, I've got more sewing to do.

    Have a great one. Big Hello to Claudia from me.

  4. Keeping 2 blogs is too hard! I end up neglecting one or the other for weeks.