Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Canard Confit and Sole Limande

English, mother******. Do you speak English?

Lemon sole.....
Duck in plum sauce....

and Lemon tart!


  1. I love lemon. Next week while on Halloween StayCation, I have a formula that I wrote for lemon, almond biscuit/cookie thingy. Can't wait test the first draft. So fun.

    How are you and Claudia doing? I hope you guys didn't or don't get sick. It just so sucks.

  2. We're both ok. Had the flu jab but was very ill a few weeks ago with a fever. Hope you are better :)

  3. Being sick, ugh. Hate it. I am feeling better, not all the way, but MUCH better. Glad you guys are okay. Hope to hear more from you guys.