Saturday, 12 February 2011

Pasta and Mushrooms

 Dined at Marks and Spencers for lunch. Their food is not haute cuisine but it hits the spot.  I ordered a new addition to the menu: pasta, broccoli, mushrooms drenched in cheese sauce. The photos were taken with an outdated 5megapx phone camera.

 We were given electronic buzzers which sounded when the food was ready to be collected. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the alarm was triggered as I am so unaccustomed to such a device.
I was tempted by the ice-cream stall outside but demonstrated a bit of will power.


  1. Look at all that ice cream. Holy cow. I love it. I didn't do anything cooking-wise today. I worked 10.5 at the shop. When I got home Tim made me his famous midnight eggs. So good.

    Have a great weekend. Eat well.

  2. Oh I pove eggs-were they poached, fried, boiled or scrambled?

  3. They were scrambled with organic black pepper and deli provolone cheese. Tim calls them Midnight Eggs because the first time he made them was midnight. When I am sad or feeling blue he makes me a plate of midnight eggs. Or just when I'm hungry and don't want to cook.

    I have today off from work. Deciding between a play day in the lab making a new pizzelle recipe or if we're going to hit the bookshop cafe. We both have today off, which is nice.

    What's up with you guys?

  4. It's raining here in the UK surprise, surprise. I'm staying in and Claudia is meeting a friend. Hopefully, she'll pick up the shopping whilst she's out :)

  5. I usually do the marketing because I love ingredient shopping. But ... when Tim goes that's always fun too, because he gets things I never think of. It's always neat to see what's hiding in those bags.

    So ... it's off to the bookshop cafe for a little reading for me, and Tim will work on his writing stuff.

    Yesterday Tim had the place to himself and while I was on break at work, I had pizzas sent over for him. He was a happy camper.

    Catch you next time and enjoy your day.