Sunday, 6 February 2011

Last Night's Dinner

 Apologies for not keeping this site up to date. Last night I dined out at Wagamamas where I ordered ramen soup served with buck wheat noodles and an assortment of oriental vegetables.....
 ...topped off with whisky flavoured ice-cream.


  1. You know, off the top of my head, I can't recall what we ate yesterday. Oh, crappy pizzas. We get these frozen pizzas from Aldi and doctor them up. We call them crappy pizzas and they are a great deal of fun.

    No apologies needed.

  2. You have ALDI?!!! Us too! It's German I believe.

  3. I believe it is a German based market. We get the Mama Cozzi's Classic cheese. Then we add stuff to it and it's called Crappy Pizza Night. Next time I'll have to take a shot and do a blog post.

    It's not good pizza but it's good crappy pizza, if that makes sense. We'll have it on a night when I don't want to cook, or we're watching a movie.

    Have you tried them?

  4. Crappy pizza hahah! We buy a p;izza base and do the rest.

  5. I love making homemade dough for pizza. That's really the best. But those little crappy pizzas are great in the freezer. And there's something about a crappy pizza and a bad movie. They just work together, well.