Sunday 14 November 2010

Birthday Cupcake

This cupcake was bought in a London Department store. The icing was sugary and dissolved very nicely in my mouth! This particular cupcake cost a little bit extra due to the icing. The chocolate cupcakes were also delightful. Whenever I eat icing, I am always transported back in time to kindergarden when the canteen would especially prepare a homemade cake for a pupil's birthday!

Saturday 13 November 2010

Chocolate Tart

There is nothing as exquisite as a meringue tart! Note how tiny it is! The gooseberry overshadows it in size!

The meringue was crunchy yet delicate!

The chocolate oozed out of it's crisp pastry. How delightful!

I much preferred the custard lurking beneath the kiwi slice!

Tuesday 9 November 2010


I love Oreos and nothing is more delectable than Oreos crowning a goblet of frozen yoghurt! The biscuits crunched in my mouth and were then pacified by the neutral yoghurt! My goodness!

Oreo and yogurt icecream-absolutely fabulous!
French toast-still sizzling from the frying pan to be accompanied by a exuberant concoction of sliced fruit!

Finished with a plain croissant and butter delivered at room temperature!