Sunday, 20 February 2011



Chicken pate






  1. Beats my cheese sandwhich all to pieces....

  2. Love grilled sandwiches. In fact, we had some for breakfast earlier today. Num num num.

  3. I've been meaning to ask. I see you have your approval settings activated for comments. I am always curious why people do this but have never felt comfortable asking. Since we talk, I hope it's okay to ask - and not considered rude.

    Happy Eating to you and C. We're in for the entire day and it's very nice.

  4. Hi happy whisk! Sounds like a good breakfast! The reason why I changed to approval is because i saw a blog where people had written spam and I am paranoid that might occur on my blog. I don't have anything to worry about but I think the Internet is too anonymous which has it's good and bad side. I find writing in to blogs with approval frustrating but when the comments have been posted, I know the blogger read them :)

    take care and look forward to Reading your entertaining blog :)

  5. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I didn't want to be rude in asking but I was curious. Thanks.

    Spam stinks. I don't get those people that do that. I dunno. So stupid, they are.

    Didn't make much today besides the grilled meat and cheese sandwiches. Been kicking back and watched a little Netflix instants. Do you guys have that there? 8 bucks per month and we get instants on our TV or computer. Love it.

  6. :P

    We don't have netflix but love film where you can watch movies online. It's hard to believe that dvds are outdated now!

  7. It is amazing about the DVDs. I still buy them for collections that I dig. Big Bang, I want the DVDs. X-Files, Star Trek, Friends, stuff like that, I keep in my collection.

    Do you get Hulu? What do you have that is like Netflix?

  8. Sorry, I meant "Love Film" is what we have that's similar. :)

  9. Ohhhh. Gotcha. Very cool. Ours is 8 bucks per month without the option to rent DVDs by mail. How much is yours, per month?

  10. I'm not sure but it's really chea. It's a shame I haven't taken advantage of it yet. Origianlly, you posted the dvd back but now you can watch online. I still remember getting beta films from the video store!

  11. Cheap is good. I don't mind 8 bucks per month and we are able to see different shows. Just started watching Doctor Who. I like having the instants for stuff like that.

    Then we have at the gas station, a blue box and the market has a red box. Not for time travel but for dollar movie rentals.