Wednesday 18 January 2012

Thai Food

 I was pleasantly surprised when I tucked into a Thai Green Curry. I am not a fan of curries but when in Rome do as the Romans. I mean, when in a Thai Restaurant you have to order a green curry.
 It's like going to MacDonalds and ordering a salad! Let's get the show on the road, spring rolls, burning hot pumpkin soup....
 the curry....woaaaa....and what a generously sized one too!
 sticky rice to dampen the kick from the chili-by the way, you do know that water only enfuriates the tongue when it's assailed by something spicy....
Honey, biscuit and lemon grass tea as an after thought.

1 comment:

  1. I did know that water never works.

    In answer to your question, some chowders are good. Some not so much.

    I make a homemade potato and corn chowder that is yummy. I like it served with popovers.