Saturday 1 January 2011


 Strolled past Maison Blanc's window and was dazzled by what was on show. Goof thing I had taken my camera along!
 Maison Blanc is run by a famous French chef, Raymond Blanc, who resides in England and runs various stores peppered around London.

 I think this is some sort of simple French cake eaten around Christmas time. And if I remember correctly a piece of porcelain is hidden in the cake and whoever breaks their tooth on it, is crowned king or queen for the day.


  1. Raymond Bland does amazing cakes and even has his on tv show here in the UK. He's a really nice, down to earth guy.

  2. Mmmm cake! those are gorgeous. Be a shame to eat them (almost).
    My Grandma used to hide a folded up dollar bill wrapped in foil in the birthday cake and we were always surprised when the birthday child go the lucky piece!

  3. Ah that's so nice! In the Victorian times they used to put a pound in a cake for some appreciative child to find!