Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Poached Egg and Smoked Salmon

Had breakfast at my local cafe. The eggs were nice and runny! The salmon was smooth and salty!


  1. I've never eaten a poached egg before. Love salmon. Was craving it big time last night after work.

  2. Poached egg is better than the other eggs as it has less oil. It's very easy to make-poached egg cups and boil in hot water.

  3. Came on to tell you guys that I bought more jumbo shrimp from Aldi today. I tried it last week and they weren't too bad for the price. Going to make carrot fried rice with shrimp. Num num num.

    When I was there I totally forgot to get more sausage. Have you tried their little Brown and Serves? The one with ten links in a box?

    Well ... off to one more store and then back home for house work. What are you guys up to?

  4. Claudia just came in and says hello. She baked some yummy biscuits yesterday that need to be dunked in tea first.

    I love shrimps and rice! Have you tried making paella-just add the sausage to the rice and shrimp!

  5. I have not. I will have to give that a go sometime. When I remember to get the sausage. Though I might have to run back to Aldi before Tim gets home. Forgot potatoes, as well.

    Is Claudia going to get back to blogging?

  6. I think Claudia will post on my blog in the future. I have not kept up with my blogs lately. One poor soul asked when I was going to update my Double 0 Sven blog. That one is very draining! P refer photographing the food. It's all set up.

    Have a nice holiday!

  7. Thanks. It's nice to have time off together. Nothing fancy planned. But we are not a fancy people.

    Photographing food really is fun. And we get to eat it after. Yum. I look forward to hearing from Claudia. I was just getting to talk with her and she vanished.