Friday, 2 December 2011

Burgers and Cheesecake

One gourmet burger with melted cheddar cheese.
 It was pleasant on the palette and a fine achievement in terms of fast food.
Speaking about humble achievements-the figs on the cheesecake was my idea.


  1. I have not eaten a fresh fig, ever.

  2. They can be very nice but in moderation. How are you and how was Thanks Giving? :)

  3. I enjoy Paul Newman's low-fat Fig Newmans, but that's about all. I will look to try these babies fresh. And in moderation.

    Doing quite well. Enjoying my job as prep but still haven't gotten into a schedule at home.

    This past Black Friday weekend was the first weekend in eight years where I didn't work either the fabric shoppe or a craft show.

    Instead I worked 10 hours on Friday in prep, then had Saturday and Sunday off. Loved it.

    What's new on your end?