Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Berries are irresistible! They pair nicely with pancakes, frozen yoghurt or simply on their own.

 I took these photos at a fruit and vegetable market. The arrangement feng shui was off the richter scale!

Blue berries are great but what's even greater are mulberries! Like sweet caviar bursting out sweet and tangy juices.


  1. Popped in to say hello. Love the berries. We have little while raspberries in our back yard and itsy bitsy wild strawberries, each year.

    Hope you're eating well today and having a good time with your photos. Until next visit, Happy Eating and Happy Shooting.

  2. Hey! I love garden picked berries. Is it difficukt growing strawberries? I know someone who grows peaches and lemons in their green house. Much better than the supermarkets.

    Take care :)