Sunday, 2 January 2011

Chocolate Brownie

This was made from a Waitrose magazine recipe.  It was meant to be left to stand for 3 hours, but I just could not wait! ha ha.  There are pistachios in there, hidden away.  I don't have a brownie tin, so used a cake tin.


  1. Couldn't wait, huh. That's great fun. Why is there no chocolate marshmallow ice cream near you?

  2. Sorry to have replied late! To answer your question, marshmellow is not so widespread as in America. Milky chocolate is a staple here :)

  3. I never ate marshmallows because for so long I was a veg-head, and marshmallows contain ground animal bone, cartilage and stuff like that.

    But, I did make my own homemade marshmallows and they put bagged ones to shame. I did a past blog on them and will do another one. The ones I made before were with light corn syrup and I want to give it another go with Organic Agave Nectar.

    We have far too much chocolates here. I'm not a fan of milk chocolate as much as dark. But as far as milk goes, Cadbury is my FAVORITE. I love it. The caramel and then the one with the nuts and cherries. Absolute heaven.

  4. I didn't know that about Marshmellows. No wonderr the giant marshmellow man was in a bad mood in Ghostbusters!

  5. The cake is all gone...

    I got a square tin, as the cake will then be easier to cut into bars.

    Had never tried the pistachio and chocolate combo, much nicer and not too sweet than almonds.

    Best ever combo is dark chocolate and hazel nut

    - C