Saturday, 15 January 2011

Portuguese Egg Tart

 These are by far the most scrumptious delicacies that one could possibly relish.
 Soothing custard enshrined in a flaky filo pastry!
This photo was taken in Seldfridges Food Hall. The department store has an American flavour-pardon the pun-as it was opened 100 years ago by a US citizen who wanted to bring a slice of the States to central London.


  1. Was it me or did the blog system collapse today?

  2. I wasn't around the whole day. Had work early, then stopped on, then we hit a gaming store for Tim, and then the Steelers were on. Did something happen on the blog system?

    You know, I had supper, but those look good. I found a formula for lemon custard cupcakes with some kind of meringue topping. Or maybe it was icing.

    Tomorrow I'm going to try my hand at making caramel again.

    This is a long comment. Boy, I'm chatty tonight.