Monday, 17 January 2011

Marble Cake

 Claudia baked such a delicious marble cake that it did not make it through the night! The crumbs on my plate attest to that....

Sorry Claudia!


  1. Popped in to say hello to you guys. I'm home from work and the market and I don't have to leave the house all weekend. Woohoo!

    Hope you ate yummy things today and also, have a peaceful weekend.

    PS: When's C getting her own blog?

  2. Very kind of you! Had pasta with cheese today!

    C has a flower blog on the right. I took some photos for her to upload soon. She is very excited about blogging!

  3. Hallo Happy Whisk!

    hope you are well. i've started a flower blog (plants are my next biggest obsession, after food).

    I so want to eat brownies right now, using the recipe I got from a magazine. I will have to just wait until the weekend