Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Ostrich Eggs

 Ostrich eggs amount to something like 25 chicken eggs! My most exciting culinary wish  is to have an Ostrich egg omelet with 24 other guests.
 But until then, we'll stick to 25 chicken eggs!


  1. Never had one of those. So many things to try ...

  2. I ate antelope last year. It was very stringy and tough.

  3. No kidding. Stringy and tough. I'm still learning about meats and cooking them. So far, I enjoy clean chickens the best. Oh, and Coleman uncured bacon. Absolute heaven.

    What's your favorite meat to cook or eat?

  4. Chicken thigh is the best tasting meat! They say Kfc tastes netter in Kentucky. That is one state I ought to visit. Had bison which has s clean taste. Peking duck is nice!

    Is bison common the states? Jerkey is nice but I much prefer biltong from south Africa.

  5. I love chicken thigh, too. I make little thigh bites and it is so yummy.

    KFC's chicken to me, is dirty meat. It tastes of cleaner and the meat itself, I find, anyway, is dirty.

    Yes, around here bison is available and used often. We have buffalo farms and are able to buy meat there. I don't know the rest of the country. I think it varies from area to area.

    I had Jerkey last year and liked it but my belly wasn't able to handle it. After being a veghead, some meats just didn't sit well.

    But I do enjoy learning about all the new foods. Fun to play.