Wednesday, 5 January 2011

what's your favourite kitchen gadget?

my faves are:

chef's knife
poach pods

what are yours? what could you not live without?

- C


  1. Fun question. That I cannot live without ...? My cast iron griddle and skillets that Tim bought me. And then the rolling pin that I got from my Mamam (Hungarian grandma, pronounced Mumum). It's an old-style pin, no handles and I love it.

    All absolute must haves in my kitchen.

  2. hallo!

    hope this link works:!REG/F/product/12116

    I think it's a US company that makes them. a bit of a cheat, but no messed up pans.

  3. I always thought the professionals made such wonderful neat poached eggs, while mine are always a mess - then I saw on a tv show that the chefs trim the eggs to make them all perfect-shaped

  4. Oohhhh, look at that. Those are neat. Also neat about the trimming. Very cool.

    Another kitchen gadget I would not want to live without is my camera. Though that probably doesn't count.

  5. This is claudia, posting this way until I get added as a team member. I agree re. the camera!

  6. Hi Claudia. So there's two of you here. Fantastic fun. Nice to meet you. Happy Eating and thanks for joining my blog.

  7. A set of really good knives.

  8. ooh what make knives do you have - eastern or western style?
    I went on a knives' skills course, and went and got myself a chef's knife. I am not very good at doing fine dicing, as I am way too scared to chop with such a big knife towards myself!

    maybe one day, til then, very pleased with the effect

    - claudia

  9. and I must not forget the electronic scales (scarily accurate).

    I made sables and a marble cake, but no photos, as I wolfed these down! ha ha

  10. Just popped in to see what you two were up to, today. Hope you're eating yummy things and having a good day.

  11. hallo!

    hope you are well, and you had a good weekend

    I was going to make another marble cake, but as I went out and got a gingerbread man, I will make it later this week, and hopefuly photograph it before I eat the whole thing (again).

    I made some salmon with a bit of white wine, nam pla and lime juice and zest. This was a total experiment, but worked well (lemon and white wine is good for fish, too). It is interesting to use lime instead of lemon, plus the green zest makes great decorations.